Lighting and sound design play vital roles at parties

July 22, 2022Lauren Windle

You’ve noticed that the world is filled with introverts and extraverts, right? It takes both types of folks to keep any kind of event balanced.

Same is true for lighting and sound design. They are kind of like introverts at your party. You may not perceive them when your party is humming along nicely, but you sure notice them when you can’t see or hear (the lead singer, bride and groom as they say their vows, the dance floor, or the announcer.)

Having both the right kind of lighting and the right sound really makes or breaks an event. You need both – and you need lighting and sound professionals to set up your stage, microphone, band area, DJ area, food focal points, and ambient lighting so folks can see their way from tables to the restrooms, for example.

Good lighting shows what you want people to notice, working to highlight important features such as the reception cake table, or an entire stage during a presentation. Lighting is the easiest and most effortless way to direct your audience's attention throughout your event.

What about sound? Have you ever watched a movie with the sound turned off? It’s hard to follow the action and confusing. When it comes to any type of celebration, you absolutely need to get people’s attention to announce the main speaker for example, or where to go for appetizers, champagne, or cake. The sound system should be clear, pre-tested by your sound technician, and ready for announcements from the mundane to the more important, such as fire safety.

So, according to Jacquie’s team of seasoned event organizers, sound and lighting are two important aspects of your party you should not try to figure out on the fly.

Let us help. We can recommend sound and/or lighting tech professionals that can help you set things up right – right from the start of your event – making sure there are no fumbles and no missteps.

We want your event to run smoothly, beautifully highlighting the couple being honored, the entertainment, and the food – seamlessly -- from start to finish.


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