Right back on schedule

February 9, 2022Lauren Windle

It’s mind-blowingly frustrating for our customers when they have to schedule, then reschedule – or worse, cancel – events due to the rapidly changing concerns of Covid. We’re all SO OVER IT!

But the good news is that we are all greeting new invitations to celebrations and parties with outright glee! There is so much pent-up interest in gathering together in celebration after so much isolating and postponing.

So -- If you have a 2022 event coming up in need of fabulous food and drinks as well as some fantastic event-planning experience, let’s talk -- and the sooner, the better!

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has a 20-year, award-winning reputation for hosting top-shelf catering events. We’ve enjoyed lots of repeat business by some of the largest (and smallest) companies around town. We have an absolutely stellar reputation.

But we don’t rest on our laurels, by any means. We make it our mission to pull together a truly memorable corporate event, no matter what the size of the group. We give each and every one of our customers our best menus, and most creative food pairings possible.


We are known for high quality, sustainable and locally-sourced foods.

That means we pay quite a lot of attention to the details, such as serving meat temperature just right for optimum flavor… dramatically themed and delicious signature cocktails… and expertly helping design the event to the needs of the host. (We can even help you choose the ideal event setting. We have lots of experience in that regard, too.)

So – bring it on! Let’s get your fabulous party started!

It all begins with your phone call. Let’s see what we can do together.

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