How to decorate a barn for your next bash

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Putting together any kind of themed barn party – from a wedding reception to a retirement party — even a fundraiser – can be a lot of fun. Especially when it comes to decorating. Time to let your inner creativity shine!

So first, yes, barn-themed décor and barn parties are still a thing, and going strong. The reasons are obvious – the setting is relaxed, it’s a nod to Indiana heritage, you can go with a casual chic feel, or play up the contrast and make things fancy.

It’s really tough to get anything ‘wrong’ when you decorate. Use as much as possible from nature – tree branches, stumps and wildflowers are all great and inexpensive. Use antique and farm items too – old crates, milk containers, benches, hay bales, even old signage.

Here are some of the barn-themed ideas the crew at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering have seen recently that we loved:

  • Hanging fallen tree branches from the inside of the barn and draping them with fresh or artificial greenery — or small notes for the bride and groom, or the person being honored
  • Fill a canoe (the older the better) with ice and beverages
  • Having dessert at your venue? Consider pies or cupcakes rather than cakes and assemble them on upside down wooden boxes
  • If the barn has sliding entry doors, hang matching wreaths of greenery or flowers on both exterior doors
  • Hollow out thicker tree branches and inset with battery-operated (for safety) candles
  • Outside the event, wrap white tiny holiday lights around trees lining the entryway
  • Use old oaken barrels as tables
  • Drape white sheeting or linen between barn rafters above
  • The more white lights you can string above, the better. The result is pure magic!
  • Add greenery (silk or natural) for more charm
  • Chalk paint easels make great signage
  • Big tin tubs of drinks make grabbing a cold one easier on the bartender
  • Stack wooden boxes to house large wooden letters, pictures of the family, a place to place cards and gifts, pick up a parting gift, etc.
  • Old milk cans hold large wildflower arrangements beautifully
  • Cover stacks of hay in burlap, tied with ribbon for more seating outdoors around a firepit

You’ll have a great time dreaming of more inspired ideas!

If you need help finding a great party barn for your next event, give us a call. We do parties at many gorgeous barns around Indy frequently. We can point you in the right direction for your next event — and be pleased to cater it as well!




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