Jacquie's Cafe is open, safe and delicious

June 13, 2020Lauren Windle

Jacquie’s Café is pleased to be fully open with all your favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But just like you at home, we’re being extra cautious when it comes to food handling, safety, and especially, our guests.

  • Our tables have been set a safe distance apart.
  • All servers and kitchen staff wear masks and gloves.
  • Wait staff make sure menus, tables and standard table items (think salt and pepper shakers) are completely sanitized after every visitor.
  • That goes for counter tops and check out areas, too.

Of course, now that the weather is sunny and warm, many guests are choosing to be seated outside on our patio. Lots of fresh air and space to feel comfortable. Where you sit is up to you. Same great food and service, inside or out.

We’re still taking Call Ahead  on Carry Out orders where you can request virtually everything on our menu, any time of day, in whatever quantity you, your family, or business requires. That includes breakfast favorites too. Just swoop in, grab it and go.

What’s NEW at Jacquie’s?

Carry Out Grill Kits! Everything you need for the grill – from seasoned meats of all kinds to great side dishes. You just fire up the grill and plunk the sides on the table. Takes the stress and prep out of friend and family get-togethers – and bonus – no worries about the food.

Jacquie’s Charcuterie Boxes. What a fantastic way to bring the meats, cheeses, breads, and dips together in one easy-to-transport box. Order a romantic charcuterie for two, or a box for four.

Pair it with wine – and you are good to go!

So many of your favorites. So many ways to keep your taste buds happy. How great is that?


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