Awesome New Year's Eve party ideas from Jacquie

December 11, 2019Lauren Windle

If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party this December 31st, why not make it a truly memorable one? Here are some fun ideas to keep your party cheery and bright, while making guests feel welcome – and well fed!

If you are hosting a party at your home, make guests feel comfortable and cared for as soon as they arrive.

  • Consider parking – especially if street parking is going to be iffy. Let your neighbors know of your plans and ask about parking in front of their homes. Consider hiring a teen or asking a family member to greet people with a flashlight as they drive in and recommend a safe place to park.
  • Line battery-powered candles all along the walkway to illuminate the path to your front door.
  • Make sure your front door is welcoming and well lit. Add a script style note that says, “Welcome! Come right in!” so guests don’t have to wonder what to do.
  • If you have rented a facility or tent, you’ll want to provide a grand entrance at the main doorway. It should set the theme right away.

Choose a fun NY’s Eve theme and go all out! Set up color scheme and lighting, and add décor and food and drink to go with your theme. A well thought out theme is the best way to make sure your party absolutely rocks from the get to!

Here are some of our favorite New Year’s Eve themes:

  • The Roaring 20s! From fun music to great classic dances, your group is going to have a blast. Be sure to download danceable music – maybe even hiring a dance instructor to help with the Charleston. Definitely give out awards for best costume. Have fun with the bar theme – prohibition was a thing back then, after all.
  • 70s or 80s Prom Night  This theme is always a winner. Be sure to have corsages for every woman and boutonnieres for men (the more outrageous the colors, the better!) Have an instant photo booth and backdrop for prom pics. Make sure to mix up a batch of alcohol in a tub and give it a cool name. Honor the best dressed couple as Prom King and Queen – and give them a sash and a gold scepter.
  • Woodstock Music will be tons of fun. Be sure to have a dance contest. Have albums and rock posters on the walls. Give out stickers and buttons for Funkiest Outfit, Hippest tee shirt, Coolest dreads, Most soul, and whatever else would be fun to honor.
  • Golden Age of Hollywood   No doubt the 30s and 40s were amazing times on the Silver Screen. Rent out a revolving spot light or two. Recreate the famous “Hollywood” sign from LA. Order movie posters from the day. Invite couples to come as their favorite Hollywood couple of the day. Give out Oscars for best performances.
  • Classic Top Hats and Tails Who doesn’t like to get formal for welcoming in the new year? Get out the tinsel, the black and white and the silver – and have a blast!
  • Game of Thrones Everyone has a favorite character. Have fun guessing who each guest is. Make sure to have plenty of dragons lurking over doorways. Have fun making some version of the sword throne – the goofier, the better. Have fun with food choices. Some may be poisonous…
  • Downton Abbey Even if you didn’t watch it, it’s fun to be some version of the high brow family, a conniving relative, or a snobby butler. The costumes will be great fun to honor. Make sure drink names honor the theme.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to match your theme to the evenings colors, food and drink. Color helps sets the mood and reinforce your party theme.

You can also match entrees and appetizers to your theme. One easy way is to rename great food selections with new names. For instance, rename your roast beef, Smoked Dire Wolf for your Game of Thrones party; Magic Mushrooms could be on the menu for Woodstock, rename strip steak Sunset Strip in honor of the Golden Age of Hollywood. You get the picture. Have fun with it!

When it comes to food, be extravagant and absolutely do not run out!  Let guests help themselves to what they want to eat, buffet style. Be sure that serving tables are heaped with food (and corresponding décor). Add smaller cocktail tables for hors d’ouevres.

The best piece of advice we have – plan ahead so you can relax at your party. Ask us for food ideas -- after all, we’ve been to some pretty great New Year’s Eve parties. Happy New Year!!




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