A very classy outdoor wedding

November 19, 2019Lauren Windle

With just the right touches, you can hold an absolutely stunning outdoor wedding. That’s exactly what the Cooks did a few weeks ago.

They started with a catering company that understood their vision, and that they trusted to serve amazing fresh, sustainable and delicious food – Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering.

They also ordered classic white formal tents – so weather worries were covered.

The tone of the evening was approachable and romantic, with a low-key yet classy feel. Guests were absolutely charmed.

Sunflower table centerpieces were wow-worthy, yet very simple. The bright pop of sunny red and yellow color anchored with lots of greenery on a raw-edge wood base. Perfect for fall.

A candlelit photo of the couple was displayed in a silver frame on each table. Tables were draped with airy white floral overlays.

Candles and holiday lights provided perfect ambience for dining, toasting, dancing, eating, and enjoying the evening.

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering served shaved apple and fennel salads with ricotta. And an enticing array of appetizers, artfully adorned with fresh herbs, melon, and sustainably sourced Indiana meats and cheeses. Set up between glass shelves, they were almost too pretty to eat. Almost…

Even mini desserts were an art form, arching upward on an etagerie – ready for the picking – along with a bottles of champagne.

It was a perfect outdoor end-of-summer wedding. Just the kind of wedding reception the Cooks had in mind…







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