What does serving locally-sourced, sustainably produced meat mean at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering?

March 19, 2019Lauren Windle

Jacquie Bols, owner of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, puts her beliefs into practice every day at work.

I like supporting responsible Indiana farmers who believe as I do, raising chickens, turkeys, pork, beef, and lamb sustainably and humanely, rather than mass-produce them on a factory farm.”

Sustainable farms are well-run farms,” Jacquie continues. “There is care for the earth, and our environment, just as there is care for the animals themselves. Even though they will eventually be used as food, the animals will be humanely raised and well treated.

These animals are fed organic whole feed, without a lot of filler or chemical injections to make them mature faster and grow fatter. As a result, the meat is more flavorful, deeper colored, and definitely fresher. You can absolutely taste the difference.”

There are quite a few Indiana farms from which Jacquie’s team purchases from a regular basis:

Jacquie has seen how the animals are pastured, fed and treated. These farmers do not use growth hormones, feed additives or nontherapeutic antibiotics. We know that meat from these farms is safe, healthy and high quality. Sustainable farms use responsible agricultural practices that protect the environment, too.

Meat from pasture-raised animals generally contains less fat, fewer calories and higher levels of important nutrients, too. Numerous Purdue University studies show sustainably produced, naturally fed meats contain naturally occurring beta carotene, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids in much higher quantities than mass produced meats.

“Buying meat from sustainable Indiana farms reflects my personal values,” says Jacquie Bols. “I consider it a win-win-win – for the famers, the environment, and for my customers.”




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