Christel Dehaan’s fab birthday bash

October 31, 2017Lauren Windle

It’s got to be pretty difficult to surprise someone as well-connected and ‘on it’ as Christel Dehaan. And yet, that’s exactly what friends, RCI co-workers and family did for her just a few weeks ago in celebration of her birthday.

Held at the 1899 Experience Center in Central State Village on Indy’s near west side, the fun evening event was attended by 150 of Indy’s who’s who, including friends and family from all over the world.

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering was asked to prepare a German themed meal. So, we went all out, locating authentic German bratwurst, braunschweiger, soppressata, capacolla and a mountain of cheeses – all done up on German charcuterie boards in the middle of beautifully decorated serving tables. Most of the meats, cheese and breads were flown in from Chigago to get an authentic, quality German experience.

Jacquie displayed wooden boards heaping with German cheeses including Boucheron, Castello, Danish blue, Appenzeller, and Mirabo brie. Side stations included an array of ways to personalize a cheese plate, from drizzled honey and walnuts to fig chutney, dried fruits to olives and black grapes. Guests paired their favorites with Amelia’s crusty artisan breads and crackers. Even the premium red and white wines were German.

Naturally, no birthday bash would be complete without a multi-tiered birthday cake, which guests reported was a heavenly to eat as it was to present to the guest of honor.

A night to remember for sure… for Christel Dehaan, and all attending.

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