Jacquie’s does signature cocktails

October 27, 2017Lauren Windle

According to Wikipedia, a signature drink or cocktail is “any unique or original drink that expresses the nature of the person or establishment creating it. Signature drinks often incorporate local ingredients and culture. They can be fashioned or designed to represent a theme or color.”

At Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we love signature cocktails, especially when they are made with locally crafted Hotel Tango spirits. They are a great way to theme a holiday party, corporate event or wedding reception right from the start.

Guests enter the bar and might choose a bright blue Spiked Colts Milkshake, or Lilly’s Lemongrass Ginger Martini, or CEO Corporate Cosmos, or Jason & Kelly’s Love Brew. You get the picture. It’s a fun way to launch any gathering, and get people laughing, sharing and talking.

For the holidays, we have lots of ideas for festive signature cocktails. Give us a theme, and we’ll come up with all kinds of ideas. Jacquie can match a drink to any color, and is delightfully creative when it comes to serving drinks in just the right stemware with artful added edible garnishes – from flowers to herbs to candy swizzlers.

For wedding receptions, we can name a drink for the bride, the groom, the honeymoon destination – even a favorite team or place.

Having an event signature cocktail is also a fantastic way to trim your bar bill. By having a special cocktail or two plus wine and beer, you have the feel of an open bar without the cost. That’s a win-win.

So next time you plan an event with us, let’s talk signature cocktails. Jacquie's Gourmet Catering promises you a great evening jump-starter, and an event to remember.

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