Estridge Homes celebrates “Harmony” development

May 18, 2017Lauren Windle

Just as Estridge Homes planned Westfield’s “Harmony,” a new neighborhood development built with homes that honor the past but are full of modern conveniences, Jacquie’s Catering created a menu of harmonious flavors to celebrate the Harmony grand opening.

Held in the Harmony Clubhouse at 1414 W. 151st Street, Westfield, the celebration was built around Harmony's classic Indianapolis neighborhood home styles.

Jacquie’s Catering team set up hors d’oeuvres to tie in with Harmony's home design styles:

  • “Cottage” mini ahi tuna tacos with avocado and jalapenos
  • “Irvington” flatbread with heirloom cherry tomatoes, basil and burrata
  • “Kessler” Indiana corn cake with crème fraiche and mango salsa

We also set up an elaborate crudité display of imported cheese wedges and domestic cheese fingers, set off by red and white grapes, strawberries and dried fruits and raw veggies.

There was also plenty to of locally sourced, organic Indiana meat and poultry items to make a meal of, including:

  • Roasted pork with sautéed apples and horseradish mayo.
  • Saffron risotto cakes with aged parmesan
  • Mini meat loaf cup cakes with mashed potato ‘frosting’
  • Truffled deviled eggs
  • Maple bacon wrapped with chicken, covered with Asian glaze and sesame seeds

Of course, no celebration is complete without dessert! Mini red velvet cake pops were the crowning touch, complete with Estridge logo.

You might say that the entire day, from the appetizers right down to the desserts, was in perfect ‘harmony.

Congrats to Estridge on another beautiful home neighborhood!






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