Newly Engaged? What to Ask your Caterer

December 12, 2016Susan Young

Newly Engaged? What to ask your Caterer

It’s no wonder that more couples get engaged during the months of November and December. In fact, here at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we get probably two requests per day via phone, web or email from newly engaged couples inquiring about our Indianapolis wedding catering services. Before contacting us, we thought it would be interesting to share some of the common questions brides- and grooms-to-be ask us. We’d also like to offer up some advice when starting the wedding planning process, and explain the whole process, along with tips and tricks for working with a wedding caterer.

We’re on a budget!

One of the most frequent things mentioned from our brides-to-be is that they have a specific budget in mind for catering their bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, reception and brunches. Here are things to consider:

  • Plated dinner versus buffet: Many brides want the sophistication of a plated meal. Plated meals tend to be more formal and more labor-intensive because we don’t use hot boxes to keep meals warm, so every meal comes fresh off the line. With a buffet, one gets more options when it comes to entrees and side dishes, which helps with the cost.

    wedding entree - Indianapolis catering

    Plated meals are a more expensive option than wedding buffets because the food is served fresh off the line.

  • Consider stations: Food stations are the trend at many weddings because they offer more options than the traditional plated meal. Couples could have stations of any kind, from local meats and cheeses to crudité, ethnic cuisine, and even dessert stations. One thing to keep in mind is to have all the stations in one location so guests do not have to hop around the room to fill their plates.
crudite station - Indianapolis wedding catering

Stations like this crudite one are becoming popular at wedding receptions.

Capturing the Vision

wedding table linens

Select the best wedding table linens to match your wedding decor

What we try to do at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is to customize our catering proposals to fit the vision and budget couples have for their wedding day. We prefer to meet with our couples first to get to know them and understand what they are looking for in a caterer. During this process, we learn about the wedding theme and color scheme, the budget, and the type of food that appeals to them. After we submit our proposal, we invite our couples to schedule a tasting in our office, as well as see samples of our linens, china and glassware options to fulfill their vision.

Contact us to learn more about our Indianapolis wedding catering and we can set up a time to discuss.

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