April 11, 2015jbols

At Jacquie's Gourmet Catering we are putting the finishing touches to various events over the next few weeks and it has reminded us about how great this season is for fresh, local produce.

Spring is a time for Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Asparagus, Morels, Lamb, fresh herbs. We are very lucky in this State to have so many fantastic farmers We would always say buy local when you can to support our local farmers and to reduce food miles so your food is always super fresh. Below is some sample dished that we prepared for a tasting last week: our food is not only seasonal, local, delicious, and unique, it is simply beautiful as well.

Spring is also a time for new beginnings, weddings and celebrations all helped along by the warmer weather. At Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering we have a full diary of weddings and anniversaries planned for this year and over 75% of the menu is unique to each event. We offer personal tastings to all of our couples so they can sample their menu and make any changes to the dishes before the big day.

If you are newly engaged, or a seasoned pro in choosing the right caterer for your event please do visit our testimonials page to read feedback from all our past customers and come back soon to read all about Jacquie’s Spring cocktail and drinks menu inspiration, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter to stay in the loop.

Jacqueline Bols






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