Your scrumptious new gourmet breakfast awaits

November 20, 2023Lauren Windle

New? Yup. The menu at Jacquie’s Café has expanded to include several new offerings – but no need to panic – your favorites are all still here as well.

As always, Jacquie’s Café (9840 N. Michigan) offers wholesome, organic, satisfying breakfasts every day, all day, 8 AM to 2 PM Mondays through Saturdays, and 9 AM to 2 PM on Sundays. And as every adult kid knows, breakfast is the best meal of the day – as calories don’t count! (That’s Jacquie’s rule, and we’re sticking to it.)

We use Indiana-farmed free-range eggs for our Three-egg Omelets, and let you choose whatever else goes into them, from asparagus to prosciutto, smoked gouda to smoked salmon. Always served with fresh fruit and your choice of bread (including gluten-free.)

Prefer a Breakfast Burrito? Fried Egg sandwich? You got it – with whatever fixings you prefer. Irish-Mexican Corned Beef Hash (yes, really). There are more than a few surprises on our lavish menu.

Many of our MFCs (most frequent customers) go for Jacquie’s Eggs Benedict. Our homemade Hollandaise sauce and rosemary potatoes make it hard to surpass. Unless you prefer Jacquie’s Croissant French Toast. More than one person has suggested it’s “to die for!”

Seasoned Jacquie’s aficionados won’t order anything other than Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. (If you’ve never tried them, fair warning, they will spoil you for anything else.) That’s because Jacquie uses house made lemon curd and fresh ricotta cheese. They are OMG-delish!!

Linger over some of our organic locally roasted coffee – or perhaps a little double chocolate with whipped cream – and you just might find room for Jacquie’s Coffee Cake, Oatmeal Maple cookies or some Gluten-free brownies. If not, we absolutely do have take-home bags.

Go for your favorite standards, or find out what’s new. And of course, you can always call ahead and pick up breakfast to go! Whichever way you decide, we can absolutely promise that you won’t be disappointed.





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