Ice, ice, baby!

September 20, 2022Lauren Windle

One of the most stunning focal points you can have at an event is ---an ice sculpture.

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has ordered all kinds for our clients over the years, from simple logos for corporate events to intertwined hearts and initials for weddings, swans to legendary team icons, motorcycles, cars, platform divers, diamonds, famous sports figures… you name it!

Ice sculptures are creative ways to make a larger-than-life statement, and they absolutely turn heads – and get remembered.

Here’s what to know about ice sculptures:

  • A single block of sculpted ice will last approximately 5-7 hours in 85 degrees, 6-8 hours in 72 degrees, 12 or more hours in 50 degrees.
  • Larger ice sculptures will likely last longer, depending on their size and depth.
  • Some smaller sculptures can be ordered to arrive the day of the event online (such as from but larger ones are most likely made to order nearby and delivered by refrigerator truck to your event.
  • They need to be set up by the sculpture company on a table specially equipped to keep them chilled, then catch the drips as they inevitably begin to melt.
  • Prices range from $800 to $2,000 or more, depending on how complicated and large the sculpture.We have an ongoing relationship with Jose and Sons of Hernandez Ice Sculptors in downtown Indy ( We are always impressed with the creative and artistic ways Jose showcases our clients.

How hand-carved sculptures are made, according to Hernandez Ice Sculptures: The ice must be crystal clear. That means freezing the ice from the bottom up so there are no air bubbles or impurities.

  • Once the block of ice is frozen, ice artist craftsperson will draw (or have a machine render) the shape directly on the ice before carving begins.
  • Large big hand-held saws are used to cut away the sections of the ice not needed in big chunks.
  • Next, flat chisels are used to take away more ice at a more nuanced level.
  • Finally, smaller beveled chisels are used to create the actual design.
  • Smaller tools like pistol saws, hand saws, and smaller V-shaped chisels can also be used to refine details and carve out precise details.
  • Finally, the completed shape is cleaned for presentation, then covered and frozen for delivery.

We would be delighted to help you order just the ice sculpture you are looking for, for your next event.










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