What makes a good bartender?

April 7, 2022Lauren Windle

Chances are good that if you’re planning a corporate or private event, you’re going to need a bartender. How do you hire one that’s right for your needs?

Bartender certifications

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Most bartenders have a high school degree or more
  • Many more have completed bartending school to earn a certification
  • Some others have food and alcohol handling certifications
  • Bartenders who are called upon to craft different types of cocktails have often completed mixology courses.

The more years (and varieties) of experience they have working with food and alcohol, the better, especially if they work with us at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering.

In today’s busy catering world, the more extensive knowledge (experience) a bartender has, the better. Not only do they have to know how to make common drinks, they are often asked to recommend drinks to customers, prepare cocktails, pour beers and properly decant wines.

A good bartender is also personable, and able to entertain customers by providing stimulating conversation and excellent customer service – all the while filling drink orders for adjoining customers – and making sure all are of legal age, and not over-imbibing. It’s a complicated job!

Jacquie’s best bartenders have:

  • Impeccable social skills
  • Excellent customer service skills including evaluating customer preferences and satisfaction levels
  • Thorough knowledge of mixology for traditional – and creative cocktails
  • Good accountability in maintaining inventory and processing payments if necessary
  • Thorough understanding of complementary alcohol and flavor pairings
  • Quick work is important. Nobody wants to wait in a long line for a drink.
  • Physical ability to stand for long periods of time!

A really terrific bartender can absolutely enliven your event, keep the bar moving, and make the evening go smoothly. Long story short, good bartenders are keepers – and often under-estimated. Fortunately for us, we tend to attract – and keep – some terrific bartenders. Ask us for a recommendation for your next event.





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