Sometimes the best place for a wedding… is home

September 27, 2017Lauren Windle

A backyard setting for a summer wedding can be intimate, sweet and memorable, as the O’Brien-Metzger wedding a few weeks ago showcases so well.

Green and white floral details inside the tent were lovely. The lawn was spacious, the mood festive… and the weather cooperated, too.

Jacquie's Gourmet Catering enjoyed preparing a lovely sit-down meal, including specially prepared appetizers made to the bride’s special order, and fun bar drinks.

It was a perfect day for a terrific couple!

We received this lovely note from the mother of the bride shortly after the event.

Dear Mary,

Please accept my apologies to you, Julie and the bartenders for not passing on my thank you Saturday evening! 

It was FABULOUS!!!!  Several people have already commented on how wonderful the food was, not something normally heard about wedding food! (sorry but true…)

It was so fun working with you.  You were VERY patient with (our requests). 

                          Most sincerely,

                          Eileen O'Brien, Mother of the bride


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