Vendor Story: At the Broad Ripple Farmers Market

October 11, 2013kjones


A visit to the Market is filled with possibilities for new and exciting culinary adventures. Perhaps that's because we're lucky enough to have vendors like Jacqueline Bols of Jacquie's Gourmet Catering. Jacquie's popular pestos and salsas have been a fixture at the Market for over 10 years now, and are the result of a culinary quest that encompasses some of the world's finest food cultures and traditions.

Jacquie, who hails from Great Britain, began her culinary education at Southampton University. Her interest in food preparation, however, was evident at a young age. "Even as a child," she recalls, "I would throw surprise dinner parties for my parents." After graduation, Jacquie left for the French and Italian Riviera. There she pursued a career as a chef aboard private yachts cruising off the coast of Cannes, Saint Tropez, Monaco, and the Amalfi Coast.

In time, Jacquie followed friends and clients to the U.S., where she further developed her culinary skills in New York, the Hamptons, and L.A. Eventually, she landed in Indianapolis and launched Jacquie's Gourmet Catering, providing custom menus for events large and small, to suit the client's specific tastes and needs. Her reputation for using the finest fresh ingredients is complemented by a unique approach. "We think of our catering as a restaurant on site," she says, explaining that she and her team set up equipment and prepare food at the event location, ensuring the freshest dining experience possible.

Inspired by European cuisines, Jacquie also developed her line of fresh-ingredient pestos and salsas. Bringing those distinctive products to the BRFM provides valuable interaction and feedback from customers, while offering easy-to-use ingredients that transform even a quick weeknight dinner into something special. Be sure to take home a container or two and see what gourmet delights you can cook up - with a little help from Jacquie.

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