What you can do to save on wedding reception costs

February 10, 2020Lauren Windle


Let’s face it, your wedding reception is going to going to take careful planning to stay within your budget and still have a memorable celebration that you, your partner, family, and friends can all feel good about.

Since going over budget is a stressor, here are some creative ways to save – and enjoy -- your big day:

  • Make sure to select a planner who understands the priorities of your budget and your vision. Have a frank talk before you sign on the dotted line about what is important to you and what isn’t. There are great ways to create the mood you want with inexpensive lighting such as dollar store candles, for example. Spend more where you want to create the biggest impact. Maybe that’s your dress, or a sumptuous sit down dinner, or breathtaking hanging reception florals. Make sure your planner gets you and your dream.
  • Make double duty purchases – A floral arch during your vows could then be repurposed as decor for the head table, for example. If you are moving into a new home right after your wedding, think about what you need for your home that you can also use for the reception. Maybe that’s glassware or cake plates. It could also be artificial plants and flowers to use long after the reception in your home. Try to purchase things that will go beyond the wedding day itself.
  • Ask your reception venue about cutting time and cost expenses - Some venues allow you to set up the day before and break down the day after. This could save you money on rental delivery (and pick up) and labor fees. Perhaps even better, you’ll have the opportunity to bring in personal items and do-it-yourself projects.
  • Save on flowers – Save the big expensive blooms for your bridal bouquet and have your bridesmaids carry greenery bouquets. Or have each small bridesmaid bouquet contribute to the bride’s bouquet – a beautiful statement to friendship.
  • Choose sustainable options - This is a fantastic theme to build your wedding around. Sustainability is sexy for many reasons and it’s also often the cheaper option when it comes to your wedding! Opt for reusable, recyclable or compostable materials instead of plastics that will linger on the planet for decades to come. Use bamboo drink stirrers instead of plastic straws. Choose recycled paper for invitations and table placards. Use dried rose petals or leaf confetti instead of paper or plastic.
  • Choose sustainable food as well. Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has lots and lots of sustainably sourced food options including meatless or vegetarian main courses and side dishes. Offer compostable take home boxes for extra slices of cake or leftover appetizers. Your guests will love it.
  • Edible or drinkable wedding favors rule - Unless your guests can eat or drink it, wedding favors are usually a waste of money – and many are left behind. The exception to this is offering individual table décor lighting or florals as takeaways.

Your wedding reception can be just as exciting and memorable – and better for the earth – if you plan carefully. We will be happy to help you make ends meet – joyfully and sustainably!

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