Holiday cocktails? That’s our specialty!

November 15, 2018Lauren Windle

At Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we love creating themed signature holiday cocktails – and boy, do we ever have some great ideas for your next holiday event!

Specialty or signature cocktails are a great way to kick off a corporate holiday party or fun wedding reception. We make an original drink that expresses something about the event, culture of the organization or the nature of the couple in the wedding.

Sometimes we theme the drinks these around a color (such as your logo colors) and sometimes around the personalities of the couple being honored. (And yes, we are always happy to make alcohol-free versions for your guests who don’t drink.)

For the holidays, we have no shortage of ideas! Give us your theme, and we’ll come up with all kinds of ideas. You choose the ones you prefer. Or let us know your favorite liquor, and we can build it around that.

Jacquie is amazingly creative when it comes to preparing drinks in with artful added edible garnishes – from flowers to herbs, stacks of fruits or veggies, cinnamon stirrers to edible swizzler sticks.

For wedding receptions, we can name a drink for the family of the bride, the groom’s nickname, a nod to how they met, the name of their dog, an inside joke – even their honeymoon destination. It’s just as fun to name the drink as it is to create it!

Here’s the bonus:

You won’t need to pay for an open bar if you offer a signature cocktail or two, plus wine and beer. You have the feel of an open bar without the cost. Great (and painless) cost-cutter!

Let Jacquie’s team help make your next event one to remember with fantastic fresh organic edibles – and a fabulous signature cocktail or two.




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