Spring Fling/Indianapolis Catering

February 3, 2016jbols

SPRING FLING Spring signifies new beginnings – the start of longer days, time outdoors after a long winter and the promise of a hot summer ahead and farmers markets!. Fresh seasonal produce at this time includes; asparagus, garden salads, Jerusalem artichoke, scallops, sea bass and fresh spring lamb – nothing too heavy or rich in carbohydrates. When choosing your menu why not serve small glass jars of sea bass on a bed of minted pea puree, or choose a fresh light starter such as a fig, walnut and warm goats cheese salad. For your main course I always encourage couples to consider fresh fish dishes such as halibut – there is so much to choose from besides salmon so don’t be afraid to go ‘off piste’ Local chicken and beef are also great options as well as baby lamb. For drinks take advantage of in season Elderflower berries and serve your guest’s fresh cordial or spike your champagne reception drinks with Elderflower liqueur for added zinghalibutspring peasfig salad

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