Thank You Notes

September 5, 2014kjones

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted send you a quick note to let you know how much we appreciated your service and to tell you that that the food was wonderful.  The wedding has been a month out now. Of course we thought the affair was wonderful, from the venue to our BEAUTIFUL bride. However, I must say as I discuss the wedding with most of  our guests, it is always brought up how good the food was. I am sure you hear from your customers when things do not go the way they expected, however, probably not as much when they do. So I just wanted take a moment to let you know that we appreciate all you and your business did to make Abbi's day special for her and for us as well. I have also been told how friendly the servers were and how they were on top of things all evening. I was a bit wrapped up in all that was going on around me, thus I was not as observant of those things. I am sure I would have been if they were not going smoothly.  However, our guests were appreciative of it, so for that I thank you as well. We would highly recommend you again and will do so whenever we have the chance.

Have a good day Lisa.  Jenni Becker

Thank You Note

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